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Hand-Built Trail Construction Workshop

This workshop teaches the basic of hand-built sustainable trail construction. It would be beneficial if at least a few students have also taken Sustainable Trail Design and Layout.

The workshop covers:

  • Safety and PPE
  • Corridor clearing
  • Pin flagging the layout
  • Tools
  • Maximum trail grade, trail out slope, back slope
  • Grade reversals
  • Full bench construction
  • Water crossings
  • Why not to line the trail with rocks/logs
  • Spoil coverage and naturalization
  • Closing old trail

Time: Two days. Generally half day in the classroom with a slide show, then actual work on a trail for the rest of the time
Facilities and site features needed: Classroom space for a projector and a trail on which to work (ideally a trail not yet built or one laid out by the Sustainable Trail Design and Layout workshop). Tools and PPE* for the crew.
Class size: Up to twenty

  • Basic PPE required:
    • hardhats
    • safety glasses
    • sturdy work boots
    • work gloves with dexterity