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Trail Skills Training

As so much of the trail in our area is high maintenance due to poor trail design, training volunteers and park staff in best practices is essential to maximize the efficiency of their time spent. The Rolling Grade Dip is a water diversion concept that has been around for years, and is gradually replacing the water bar as a more sustainable feature.

I have lead volunteer training classes and crew trips building scores of SET (Sustainable, Effective,Traversable) rolling grade dips, as well as tread and trail structure construction.

Training volunteers on Rolling Grade Dip Construction

Trainings available:

Click HERE for a combined listing of all of the trainings detailed above. The info in the overview includes:

  • brief description of each training
  • time allotment for each (combined trainings might take less time)
  • facilities and site features needed to teach the class
  • class size
  • Workshop cost on a case by case basis

Training volunteers on Rolling Grade Dip Construction
Training volunters in new sustainable full bench trail construction.
Training volunteers in timber step construction
Teaching volunteers and park staff to prefabricate a bridge