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Trail Design

Sustainable trail design is about keeping water off the trail, and hikers on the trail. Rolling contour alignment, gentle grades, and frequent grade reversals helps promote water flowing across the trail, rather than down the trail. 

A natural flow to the trail, making sure the trail goes where people want to go, and making the trail is pleasing and inviting draws folks down the trail.

New trail pin flagged and raked ready for earth moving. Sinuosity, (left – right curves) hide what is next, making the trail more inviting. Undulation, (up – down curves) helps remove water from the trail and adds hiking challenge.

New trail pin flagged and corridor cleared. Large trees form a gateway, drawing people through to see what is beyond.

Finished trail with sinuosity and undulation. Trees as anchors for turns. Gentle out slope of the trail allows for  drainage, gentle back slope is stable and less likely to collapse onto trail.

Completed rolling contour sustainable trail.