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Field leadership:  Tailgate Safety Talk & Leading a Work Trip

This workshop focuses on planning and leading a safe and effective work trip. Projecting a sense of professionalism, as well as careful planning and fostering safety culture makes all participants feel safer, and contributes to more efficient and productive work.

The workshop covers:

  • Planning elements: Teaches the nuts and bolts of preparedness for trail work, including additional considerations when working away from vehicular access.
  • Crew leadership: Explores the importance of making participants feel safe, welcome, useful, and valued and ways to do so
  • Worksite leadership: Teaches methods of effective work site leadership for trail work including how to avoid getting bogged down in narrow tasks when leading a large crew
  • Tailgate safety talk: Teaches participants how to recognize and mitigate potential hazards, how to work safely, effectively and cooperatively together
  • Establishing a strong safety ethic: Delves into what makes for a strong safety ethic across a crew or team, the benefits and how to do it.

Time: Half day.
Facilities and site features needed: Classroom space for projector use
Class size: Up to thirty