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Light Rigging for Trail Work

The light rigging class teaches the use of the Maasdam rope puller. Light weight rigging is used for tree work, moving logs, and moving smaller rocks. The workshop explores foundational concepts of safe rigging and covers:

• Safety and PPE
• anchor points
• working load limits of gear and how to use design factor
• mechanical advantage
• safety concepts
• gear inspection
• what gear to use and how

Time: One and a half days. Generally half day in the classroom with a slide show, then actual work on a trail for the rest of the time.
Facilities and site features needed: Classroom space and area with trees in which to work, rocks larger than carry-size also helpful. PPE* for the crew.
Class size: Up to twelve

Basic PPE required for rigging workshops:
• hardhats
• safety glasses
• sturdy work boots (steel toe preferred)
• work gloves with dexterity